The common signs of bedbug infestation

Bed bugs are one of the common problems of hotels and homes all over the world. Some people may look at them as harmless. But the reality is, these tiny creatures can cause a lot of dangers and health risks. So, if you or one of your family members is suffering from any form of respiratory illness or allergies which can be aggravated by bed bugs, you should know how to identify infestation so you can eradicate them as soon as possible. This is when Bed Bug Exterminator NYC comes to the rescue.

Wondering if you have bedbug infestation in your home? Here are some of the common signs that you have to watch out for;


BitesA common indication that you have bed bugs in your house is residue. Usually, they are in black color. These are the shed skins and wastes of the bed bugs. So, if you inspect your beds or mattresses, and you see residue, you should call a bed bug specialist right away. Otherwise, these creatures will keep on multiplying and fill your house up.


Bed bugs are very tiny. Some can not even be seen by the naked eye. With this, they can hide very effectively in different places in your room. You may have them in your pillows and beddings. And as you sleep, they can bite you leaving you with itchy, tiny bumps all over your body. So, if you wake up in the morning and you find yourself with bites, it would be best to consult a doctor. Some tests can be done to identify if those bumps that you have are, indeed, bedbug bites.

Check the possible hiding places

Like what was mentioned earlier, bed bugs are very small. They can hide themselves almost everywhere. So, it is important that you check all the possible hiding places for them. These include your bed, sheets, pillows, mattresses, and even bed hinges. In most cases, you can also find their wastes or residues in these spots.

How to eliminate bed bugs

BitesThere are several things that you can do to eradicate bedbug infestations. One of which is through the use of a carpet tape. You can put this on the side of your carpet, and after quite some time, you will notice some bed bugs sticking to it. However, there is no better way to effectively get rid of bed bugs than to seek the help of professional exterminators.