Comparison of the Top Hurom Masticating Juicers

A cold Juice should be included in your daily diet. Different types of hurom masticating juicers are used to make juices in the market today. However, making a comparison of the top hurom masticating juicers is not easy since most of them are quite similar to each other. Every juicer comes with its unique pros and cons. This means that buyers should have a clear understanding of the type of juicer that they want to buy before arriving at their final decision. Juicing can only be an efficient process if the right machinery is used. Here are some of the characteristics of hurom juicer.

Key Features

Sufficient carrying capacity Masticating Juicers

The hurom juicer is sizable, and it will not take much space on your counter top. This makes it very efficient to use especially if one has little space to utilize. The carrying capacity is just sufficient for one to masticate and therefore good for city use.

Energy efficiency

This type of juicer operates at only 80 rotations per minute using only 150 watts of power. This is super efficient compared to many other juicers that are available in the market. Hurom juicer also operates quietly without noise shackles emanating from the rotating motors.


Hurom juicers are uniquely known to juice both hard and soft fruits. They are also used to juice both leafy vegetables hard ones such as celery. It is said that if you can eat it, then you can juice it using hurom juicer.

Higher percentage of juice yield

Juice yield is an important factor considered by buyers when shopping for juicers. Hurom juicers have an extremely high yielding capacity. This is attributed to the dual approach system which first crushes the food and then compresses it to extract every last drop. The pulp produced is entirely dry and separate from the juice.

Improved quality of the juice

Hurom juicers have been known to produce quality juice that comes with little foam. The juice produced is smooth and does not separate into different layers. This quality masticating process is unique to this type of juicer.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

 Masticating JuicersMany masticating juicers are difficult to clean up. For hurom juicer, one can run water in between juice batches when they are still working. When done, you can disassemble the whole system and cleanse the parts separately.

These characteristic are the ones that can be used when comparing hurom masticating juicers. One should also ensure that they purchase them from authentic suppliers to avoid being duped.