How to find a reputable screeding contractor

We all like to have a home that is beautiful and well maintained, however, like everything, there are times that your home reeds repairs and renovations from time to time. There are many areas in a house that tend to show signs of use over the years. One area in a home that gets a lot of use and probably is neglected is your floor.

The floora reputable screeding contractor

There are various types of flooring you will see in homes. You get tiles wood and of course concrete. Concrete floors are prone to cracks over time and replacing the entire floor can be costly. However, you can contact this liquid floor screeding contractor, and your floor will look brand new in a matter of days.

What is floor screeding?

Floor screeding is a cementitious mixture that contains cement and sharp sand. The ratio is usually 1:3 or 1:4.5 in standard applications. You can have it applied to a standard concrete floor or precast concrete slabs. It is also suitable to apply on to a damp proof membrane over a concrete slab or floor. You can also, use the application if you want to install floor heating. Once the floor heating pipes have been laid out, you can then apply the screed on the floor.

How to find a reliable contractor?

There are many companies that perform flooring work, however, applying screed is not like any other flooring. The application needs to be done by qualified personnel who have experience and training in this area.

Check for references and past work

Before you hire a company to perform the work on your floor, make sure you have a look at their previous work. They should be able to show you some pictures and even take you to sites where they worked before. If they are reluctant to do this, you should avoid them because they may not have any satisfied customers.
A reputed company will be happy to give you references. You will be able to speak with those who have used the service and also inspect their work.


Before you hire a company, they should come over and give you an estimate for the work that you need to be done. Make sure you have everything in writing so that there will be no misunderstandings later. Most reputable contractors will also guarantee their work for a number of years and if the company you contract does this, you can be sure they will do a goof job.